Show your kids love with interior decoration

Showing your kids some love with interior decoration

Interior decoration is a big part of our lives. The way we dress up our private, familial spaces has a lot of impact on the way we feel and how much we love our homes. And when you’re decorating a new place, or you’ve decided to redecorate the living room after staring at the same wallpaper for 10 years, a lot of thought is going to go into your new interior. 

You’re going to make decisions over what looks good, what will brighten up the space, what would be a good backdrop for a feature wall, etc. And if you have kids, you’re going to want to choose colours that don’t show the dirt, and make your children feel as comfortable as you do!

And to do that, you might just have to include them in your interior design planning.

After all, you can show them a lot of love with the choices you make – here’s a few tips on how. 


Build them a hidey hole

Kids love places they can squeeze into and hang out in, without an adult being able to follow them. It’s why tree houses are so popular – a private space out in the garden, high off the ground, where your kids can play and draw and chat to their heart’s content. It’s a lovely little way to encourage rights to privacy and respecting boundaries in your children, so why not think about making them a little hidey hole of their own inside the house? 

The house is a family space, of course, but there’s a lot of kids out there who like being able to withdraw from time to time. They don’t have to leave the room completely, but they are able to sit inside a pillow fort or a castle made out of cardboard boxes and catch their breath. 

When these things are part of the interior design of the house themselves, they won’t get in the way or take up the spare room you need for something else. So it doesn’t have to be any skin off your nose! That cardboard castle could double up as an interesting bookshelf, and that pillow fort could moonlight as an extra bed for when there are guests staying over. 


Hang up their art

Kids love to create, don’t they? They’ve got an imagination the size of the universe itself, and they’re always playing make believe or rabbiting on to an imaginary friend of theirs. So, why not put this untapped and unlimited creativity to good use? You’ve got some walls to decorate, and they love to draw pictures for you! 

Get some large sheets of paper out, or invest in a large canvas. Set a protective cloth down on the floor, and then give them some paints, pencils, pens, and brushes. Then, let them get to work! Let them throw colours around and draw all kinds of flowers and animals and shapes, and let them put together a composition that only they could really ever understand. Even if they tell you the cows and the pigs they’ve drawn are friends out in the meadow, it’s a good chance they don’t look like much more than blobs of inky colour to you! 

Then purchase some A3 frames, let the work dry and set, and then hang up these new art pieces onto your walls. Your kids are going to love coming home from school or waking up in the morning to see a work of art of their own creation hanging up in the living room. It might just put a perky spring in their step. 


Let them mix and match!

Kids love to be colourful. They love to have wild and wacky colour schemes in their drawings and paintings, and they love to piece together flower crowns made out of all kinds of mixed and matched weeds. So, why not encourage the same freedom inside your own home?

Of course, in the living room, one bright red wall and one half and half blue/green wall might be a bit much. But inside their own bedrooms? Let them go for it! No one is going to see it but them, and you can always paint over if you need to. All in all, letting kids choose the colours they want to live in day by day can really help them to trust the family home. 


Interior decoration has a lot of elements to it, but when your kids have ideas of their own, let them out! 


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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