How to take gorgeous photos on grey, gloomy days

How to take gorgeous photos on grey, gloomy days

Photography is all about light, so we often tend to think that bright, sunny days full of light will be the best days for taking photographs.

You can get some beautiful photos on those kinds of days, with vivid colours and bright blue skies in the background.  But don’t dismiss the grey, overcast days when you want to take photos of your children.

I absolutely love the soft light on grey days, and I think you will too after reading this and pulling out your camera the next time it’s a bit gloomy out.


Colours can still pop

Actually, colours can pop even more on a gloomy day because they stand out so much against the grey background.

If you put your child in a bright red coat and head outside you’ll get some amazing photos where they are the absolute star of the shot, rather than almost competing with the bright blues and greens of a clear, sunny day.

The contrast of the bright clothing and the soft, grey light can be absolutely beautiful.


Grey days might mean rain

You might think rain is a bad thing if you want to take photos, but it can bring so many fun opportunities.

Head outside with colourful umbrellas and photograph your children splashing in puddles in their wellies.  Play around with reflections in the puddles, you can get some brilliantly creative photos this way.

And you never know, you might get lucky and spot a rainbow.


Stay inside and play with the light

If you don’t want to venture outside then you can still take some gorgeous photos of your children inside on grey days.

My house is quite dark on gloomy days, but when I get my children to sit right by the window I can get some beautiful photos with the soft light coming in.  Have some fun with sitting your children right in the light from the window, and then get them to move around a bit and see how the light changes and how it effects the photos you take.


Grey days give the softest light

Soft, diffused light is my favourite kind of light for taking portraits of my children.

Cloudy days give perfectly diffused light which means no harsh shadows on their faces, and no squinting from the sun being too bright.  This kind of soft light is beautifully even and is really flattering, so it works so well for portraits.


So next time you look out on a grey, gloomy day, don’t dismiss it.

Grab your camera and your children and go have some fun testing out how beautiful the light can be on these kinds of days.

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