ways my life has changed since becoming a parent

3 ways my life has changed since I became a parent

I’ve been a parent now for nearly 8 years, and can honestly say that my life now is nothing like it was back then.

So much has changed, in so many different ways.

Here are 3 ways my life has changes since I became a parent.

3 ways my life has changed since I became a parent

I have less time.

Or maybe it’s a case of having more to do and keep in top of in the same amount of time.

Either way, it feels like I have a lot more on my plate since having the children.  So I do find myself looking for short cuts and ways to save precious time where I can.  I tend to do my food shopping online rather than spend 2 hours on a round trip to the supermarket.  And I love finding sites like love catalogues that help you compare prices and availability on various items to save you time doing it all yourself.


I have less sleep.

Before the children came along I loved to sleep.

I would quite happily get into bed around 9pm and doze off for a whole blissful night of sleep.

Now, even though I’m lucky and Rhys and Nerys generally sleep well through the night, I don’t get anywhere near the amount of sleep I used to.  I think it’s due to that classic parent thing of working all day, then sorting the children out and then trying to fit your adult life into those few hours after they’ve gone to bed.

So I end up staying up much later that I should.  Just to be able to relax a bit and watch Game of Thrones episodes that I’ve seen several times before.  Or squeeze in a bit more work to feel like I’ll have a head start on the next day.


Putting those changes first makes it seem like everything has changed for the worse since becoming a parent.

But honestly, there are so many other things that have changed, in more subtle ways perhaps, that have made life so much better.


I have more love.

More patience, more understanding.

In a direct contradiction of what I’ve already written, I also have more time.  Children, especially when they’re young, force you to slow down.  To take life at their pace.  To stop every 2 minutes as you walk to the park, to look at a stone or a flower or a particularly sticky stick.

Before I had the children the seasons would change and I would almost miss it.  I remember one year looking up on the way home from work and realising that the trees were almost bare, and I hadn’t noticed.   I hadn’t seen the gorgeous reds and oranges of autumn.  I’d been in such a hurry to just get home each day, I’d missed it.

Now though, I feel like I notice so much more.  We have time to watch the seasons change.

And watching my children watch these things happen, fills me with even more love and joy than I could have imagined.


So yes, I have less time and less sleep now than I did in my pre-children days.

But I have so much more of so many other things.  Things I didn’t even know I was missing out on.

What changed the most for you when you had your children?

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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