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Living Arrows 2018 – 47/52

I had one of those proud parent moments last week.

You know those moments, when you just feel all emotional and so damn lucky to be a parent?

It wasn’t even anything that big really that brought it on.  We were invited to school to see the artwork that Nerys’ class have been working on and to listen to them sing a couple of songs they’ve learnt this term.

So I went along with my mother-in-law and watched as Nerys and her class sang all about making your mark on the world.  And oh my word it took so much effort not to start crying.

I can’t even explain why really.  I just felt so emotional; so proud of my little girl up there singing away.  So lucky to be the one she calls Mummy.

Living arrows


Nerys wasn’t the only one who got up to something a bit special last week at school.

Rhys and his class were lucky enough to go on a trip to the local theatre to see ‘Awful Auntie’.  I was a little bit concerned that Rhys might struggle a bit with the play, because he gets quite anxious watching things with mean characters or where people do things they shouldn’t do.

But he came home saying it was absolutely amazing and he really enjoyed it.  

And next week he’s going back to the theatre for a back-stage tour which he’s so excited about.  He likes finding out how things work so I think he’ll really enjoy learning some of the tricks behind the magic of the theatre.


After a quiet day at home on Saturday, the children went with their grandparents to see the Christmas lights being switched on in town, and Santa making his first appearance of the year.

It all still feels a bit early to me, but I know the next few weeks will fly by.

We had the note home from school last week that Nerys will be a narrator in her year’s Christmas concert which she is so excited about.  Rhys still doesn’t seem to know what his class is doing, but maybe the older classes don’t need quite as long to prepare as the little ones in Reception.

It would be nice to know what he’s going to be soon though, so I can start trying to sort out costumes.  He was an angel last year which he enjoyed, so I’m curious to see what he’ll end up doing this year!

Have your children started preparing for their Christmas concerts yet?


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