Why can’t I wear these boots?!  (Wicked Wednesdays)

Over the last few months Nerys has learnt the word ‘why’ and my brain is struggling to cope with all the times I’m asked it in a day, and the answers I have to come up with .

The first time I realised she knew the word was when we left the house to pick Rhys up from school one day and she asked “moon?”.  I said that she couldn’t see the moon at the moment.  To which she replied, “why?”.

I have to admit I stumbled over my answer a bit, I really wasn’t expecting the question!

Now, I hear said question about 1000 times a day.  On this occasion she was asking why she couldn’t wear these boots.  When I told her it was because they were mine, this was the reaction I got.


You know, Rhys never went through the ‘why’ phase.  Parents with children who did, please tell me it doesn’t last forever!
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