Week in review – Sunday 8th Feb 2015

This was the week when:

  • I launched this blog! Thank you everyone for all your support so far!
  • Nerys really found her feet and started to toddle about.
  • We made pancakes as a trial run for Shrove Tuesday and so I could put a blog post together with the recipe I’ve been using for over 10 years – look out for that next week.
  • We had some lovely sunny days, meaning we could get out for a few walks, including a walk to Singleton park and the uni one day while Rhys was in school (resulting in a fab 2 hour nap for Nerys).
  • I discovered that Alias is on Amazon Prime instant  – that’s my new series to binge-watch while feeding Nerys sorted then!
  • I made a version of this soup and it was pretty damn tasty!

I hope you all had a good week too – what was your highlight?

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