Valentine’s day gift guide 2018

Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

But if you’re feeling a bit stuck for something to buy the woman in your life this year, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to get her something she will love.  And there’s no need to spend a day wandering from shop to shop to find the perfect gift, you can just head straight to Debenhams to find everything you need.

I spent a fair bit of time browsing their huge selection of Valentine’s gift ideas and have chosen some bits that I personally would love to receive, to feel special and a bit more ‘me’ than ‘mummy’ for a change!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2018


A new handbag

I’m pretty sure that you can’t go wrong with buying the lady in your life a new handbag.

If she’s the type of girl who already has a big collection, then she clearly loves bags and would be thrilled with another one to add to the collection.  And if she’s more like me and only has one or two bags, then chances are she’s had them for years and would really appreciate a brand new one!

I really love this cross-body bag from Mantaray.

valentines day gift idea handbag debenhams

The navy is pretty classic and will go with most outfits, but the floral trim adds a lovely bit of extra colour and prettiness.

It’s a great everyday bag, with plenty of room for everything you need without being too huge.

Take a bit of time though to work out what sort of bag to buy for your partner.  If you’re still in the change-bag stage of parenting then a bigger shoulder bag could be a great option, as it could hold all her essentials and a few nappies and wipes for the baby.  If on the other hand she likes to head out in the evenings then a pretty clutch bag might be better, for her to relish the freedom of only needing to take her purse, phone and keys out with her!


A wallet

Along the same line, a smart or pretty new wallet would make me very happy.

It’s something I don’t think of replacing very often, so my current wallet is looking a little worse for wear now.  There are options here as well, from a wallet big enough for all her cash and cards and photos of the children, to a really pretty purse just big enough for a debit card and some cash for a night out.

valentines day gift idea wallet purse debenhams

Extra points will be given if you can manage to get a handbag and a purse that go well together!


A bottle of perfume

This is a classic Valentine’s day gift and one that has the potential to really make her feel special.

If you know she has a signature scent that she loves then this is an easy one, just stick with what you both know.  If you’re feeling braver you can pick out something new for her to try.

I’m wearing Gabrielle from Chanel at the moment and absolutely love it.

valentines day gift idea gabrielle chanel bottle debenhams

If you’re really not sure what type of perfume to buy for your partner then I would be tempted to spoil any potential surprise and just take her out shopping with you, so she can try a few and see what she likes.  Perfume can smell different on a person’s skin than it does on the little sample sticks you get in shops, so it’s normally best to let her spray a bit on her wrist and then let it sit for a bit before deciding which she likes best.



Another classic gift idea, this is really likely to be appreciated by any mother who has spent time recently in not-so-pretty nursing bras or who’s wearing bras that don’t quite fit her properly after having babies.

valentines day gift idea lingerie bra debenhams

If the idea of visiting the lingerie department gives you Father Ted flashbacks and makes you a bit nervous, don’t worry, because the best thing to do is go with your partner so she can be properly measured by the experts to make sure you then buy the right size bra for her.

Just put a bit of thought into the sort of lingerie you get.  Whether it’s a pretty t shirt bra for her to replace her current ‘everyday’ bra, or a complete set of sexy pieces for you both to enjoy on Valentine’s night, make sure you think about what she would like most!


A scented candle

If you’re just after a little something for Valentine’s day then a scented candle is a great option.

valentines day gift idea scented candle debenhams

There’s definitely something romantic about candlelight, so you can use this gift idea as a way to set the mood if you’re having a Valentine’s date night.

Or you can wrap a couple up with some bath bombs or a bottle of bubble bath and really spoil her by letting her shut herself away in the bathroom for a while with a few magazines or a good book!


Make up

I think most mums will tell you that they often feel tired, and feel like they look tired too.  So make up can be a bit of a necessity to feel a bit more human on the school run.  It can also be hard as a mum to treat ourselves to nice make up, so buying your partner a few bits for Valentine’s day would be a lovely idea.

valentines day gift idea make up debenhams

This touche eclat is a bit of a cult classic, and is a great way to brighten up her complexion and cover up those sleepless nights a bit.

And even if she doesn’t have much time in the mornings, just a quick swipe of eye shadow from this gorgeous palette will make a difference in her feeling a bit more put together.


I hope that this guide has given you some inspiration for finding the perfect gift this Valentine’s day. 

And if there’s nothing on here that seems quite right, remember that you can’t go far wrong with a box of chocolates and a heartfelt message in a card!


Disclaimer:  I was gifted these items by Debenhams but all thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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