Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with these steps

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with these simple steps

The bedroom is our own space, it is a place we go to relax, revive and rejuvenate. It is both where we begin and where we end our day so it is important to make it a place of peace and calm, one that will ultimately help us to enjoy a good nights sleep.

These are some must-know tips to create your own little a sanctuary at home.  


Comfort is key

You want your bedroom to be a place of comfort, from the mattress to the pillow, to the chairs to the rugs, you want everything to make you comfortable.

It is important to invest in quality products, the pillow and mattress you choose will play a vital role in you getting a good night sleep. Choosing the wrong one, either too firm or too soft can result in a lack of support and potential neck and back pain. You should spend the extra time to find the right mattress and pillow combination for you, luckily, The Dozy Owl has done most of the hard work and tested the best bedding in the UK.

Not only does our bedding play a vital role in our slumber, but the fabrics we dress it with do too. While silk can help you keep cool at night, linen is breathable and cotton soft and inviting, personal preferences may vary. Choosing materials that make you feel comfortable will help you to transform your bedroom into an oasis.


Consider colours

The decor of your room sets the tone, being surrounded by relaxing, neutrals or cool-tone colours, like greens and blues can help you to feel relaxed. Blue is a cool and calming colour, we associate the colour with water and the sky, greens remind us of nature.

By choosing certain colours we can create a feeling of calm and tranquillity, which, in turn, makes us feel relaxed.


Consider the lighting

Lighting can play a key role in turning your bedroom into a sanctuary, natural light not only opens up a room, but it is much better for our health and wellbeing. 

Exposure to bright or artificial light before bedtime can disrupt the production of melatonin. To combat this is to make your bedroom a screen-free space and look at installing a dimmer or using candles and bed lamps.

As for when you’re ready to sleep, keep your bedroom dark when you go to sleep and make it gradually lighter as it gets closer to waking time to take advantage of the body’s natural rhythm. You’ll find not only are you sleeping better, but waking up naturally as well.



Not only do candles, incense and oils create ambience, but they can also help you to reduce stress, anxiety and help you to sleep better. Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote relaxation and mental and physical wellness.

Use oils such as lavender, jasmine, citrus and vanilla to set the mood and relax in your sanctuary.


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