Try this trick for a tidier house

Try this one little trick for a tidier house

Let me get one thing clear from the start, in case the title of this post has given you a false impression of me.

I am not a domestic goddess.  My home is nowhere near pristine.  I’m not sure if there is a single flat surface in the place that is completely clear.

But, I’m trying.  I’m trying various schedules and tricks to get on top of the tidying and cleaning.

And there’s one thing I’ve found so far that really does make a difference to the general state of my house:

Try this one little trick for a tidier house

Don’t leave a room empty handed.

It’s so simple, but it really does make a difference.

Every time you leave a room in your house, have a quick look around and see if there’s anything lying around that belongs in the room you’re going to.  If there is, grab it and take it with you and put it back where it belongs!

So, if you’re heading from the lounge to the kitchen, then pick up your dirty coffee mug and take it with you to put in the dishwasher (or to refill if you’re anything like me!).

It might not seem like much, but taking a few seconds to take something with you when you leave a room can save you having to do a big pick-up job at the end of the day, and if you’re heading to the kitchen anyway, why not take that mug with you?

And if you’re heading upstairs, then grab something from the pile that’s built up on the bottom steps (come on, I can’t be the only one who puts things on the stairs to take up later?!) and take it with you to the right bedroom!

Simple isn’t it?  When you go to leave a room, just give it a quick scan first and see what you can take with you – don’t leave a room empty handed!

Do you have any other simple tips for getting a tidier home?

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