6 little things that have made me happy lately

Do you ever have those times when nothing really big has happened, but you just feel happy?  That’s how I’ve been lately.

I’ve always believed that it’s the little things in life that really add up and bring us joy and happiness, and that definitely seems to be the case for me at the moment.

So I wanted to make a note of those little things, to celebrate those seemingly small moments that have made life so joyful for me recently:

6 little things that have made me happy 

1) Getting my half of a ‘best friend’ necklace in the post.

My best friend lives a fair way away from me, which doesn’t make me happy at all.  But the other day she sent presents for my children, along with my half of a wonderfully cheesy ‘best friend’ necklace that I bought her for Christmas, and it makes me smile so much to see it.

2) Seeing Rhys learning.

Rhys has been taking swimming lessons since the start of the year, and last week marked a bit of a milestone – the first lesson he had with no armbands on!  I was so proud of him, watching him so fearlessly jumping in the water with no safety net to keep him afloat.

He also asked this week if we could do some maths questions, so I wrote out some sums for him to do and was, honestly, quite amazed when he whizzed through them.  His brain works differently from mine I think, and I’m loving watching him learn and trying to work out the best way to work with him to help him learn!

3) Adding to my mug collection.

This really is a little thing, but it honestly has made me happy!  I love coffee, and tea, and love finding nice mugs to use every day for my fix.  So when I spotted the ‘stop and smell the roses’ camping mug in home bargains I had to treat myself!  And then the next day I won the raffle at playgroup and so came home with a lovely pink spotty mug too!

It was a good week, mug-wise!

4) The parking Gods working in my favour.

I’ve slowly become more confident in my driving over the last year and a half of having to do the school run every day, but I’m still not a fan of parking.  I find driving to new places stressful partly because I worry about how easy it’ll be to park when I get there.  So I was a bit nervous when I had to drive to our local sorting office recently, because I know there is really limited parking there.

On the drive there though, I sent out a prayer to the parking Gods, for a nice simple drive-in parking space, and would you believe it, I arrived just as someone was pulling out of the space I wanted!  Perfect!

5) Watching Nerys open a parcel and finding toys just for her.

We’re a bit late to the game, but we’ve recently discovered Frozen, and Nerys absolutely loves it.  So Steve found some Anna and Elsa dolls on Amazon and bought them for her.

Her face when she opened them was brilliant, she was so excited!  And then she very seriously told me that they weren’t for me, they were special for Nerys.  She’s quite possessive with them now!

6) Rediscovering red wine.

I know, I know, this is such a ‘mummy-blogger’ cliche.  But I’ve recently rediscovered my taste for a glass of red wine in the evenings!  I’ve not really drunk for, well, years now, because I don’t like the idea of being tipsy when I might need to take care of my children in the night, and I can’t stand the thought of being hungover and having to take care of them the next day!  But when my parents came to visit recently they brought a nice bottle of Côtes du Rhône with them, and I really enjoyed it, just a small glass in the evening while catching up on some emails and watching Game of Thrones.  So now, red wine is back on my shopping list, well it’s good for you isn’t it?!

There have been various other little moments recently that have really made me smile, I don’t know if it’s the change in seasons but there is definitely happiness in the air!

What little things have made you happy recently?


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