Try this to stop living for the weekend

Try this trick to stop always living for the weekend

How often do you find yourself living for the weekend?

Waking up on a Monday morning with that sinking feeling, and then counting down the days until Friday?

Even as a parent when you don’t really ‘get’ a weekend the same way you did before your children came along it’s still all too easy to see Monday to Friday, full of work and school runs and after school clubs, as something to just get through until you reach the weekend and can have some fun.

But no one really wants to live life this way do they?

If you want to make a change and stop living for the weekend, then try this little trick.

Try this trick to stop living for the weekend


Make a plan to do something every Wednesday that you’ll really look forward to.

You could plan something for the whole family, or something that’s just for you.

And it doesn’t have to be the same thing each week.  Just make a point on a Sunday to plan something to look forward to on Wednesday.

If you’re not sure what sort of thing to plan, then try thinking about what it is about the weekend that you look forward to so much.

Is it the fact that you have a night off from menu planning and cooking with a takeaway on a Saturday night?  Then switch things up and make Wednesday takeaway night instead.

Or if it’s the fact that you can lie in and catch up on some sleep, then make a plan to have a bath and an early night mid-week.


Here are some more ideas to stop living for the weekend and to bring a bit of joy to the middle of your week:

  • have a picnic dinner in the park
  • go out – it might be a school night but you can still head out for a few hours to the cinema or a quiet drink
  • go for a family walk to watch the sunset
  • call a friend or family member for a good catch up chat
  • take the day off from household jobs – let things slide for a day and just relax a bit more instead
  • go out for lunch with a friend or with your partner
  • go bowling after school
  • have a bbq in the garden and make s’mores for pudding
  • have a movie night at home
  • do some exercise you really enjoy – find a yoga or dance class to go to
  • cook a new recipe for dinner
  • let the children cook something for dinner
  • try an escape room – you can go out to one, or get a kit to do one at home
  • go for a swim
  • book the day off to just do whatever you want, or use some flexi to finish early instead of rushing off for the school run


The whole idea here is to think about things that you enjoy, things that feel like a bit of a treat to you and that you wouldn’t normally do midweek.

Then make a plan to start doing them.  On a Wednesday.

Make the whole week that bit more fun and bring that weekend joy into the middle of the week.

So you’re not just waiting out the week and living for the weekend.


What’s the first thing you’re going to plan to do on a Wednesday, either with your family or just for yourself?

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