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Living Arrows 2021 – 25/52

We had a bit of a shake up of our normal routine last week.

I was called up for jury service, so it was Steve who did the school run every day.

I think the children really loved having their Dad be the one to take them and pick them up for a change.  And I have to be honest, I did enjoy not having to keep an eye on the clock every day and make sure we were where we needed to be each day!

The trial I was called for ran from Monday until Thursday and was a strangely mentally draining thing to be part of.  So I’m really relieved that we were told that we wouldn’t be needed again this week.

I’m now hoping for a nice, normal week back doing school runs and cracking on with work.

The weekend was a good start at getting back to normality, with time spent pottering at home and in the garden.


We all spent an hour or so out in the garden on Saturday, with the grown ups pulling up weeds and cutting back bushes while the children played with mud potions and made friends with the bugs they found.

Rhys spent quite a bit of time lifting up stones and plant pots to find this woodlouse to play with.

Speaking of which.

Does anyone else call these ‘cheesy bugs’?!

I have a feeling that name for them is really specific to the part of Kent that I grew up in, because most people give me the strangest look when I say it.  So, of course, I’m now teaching my children to call them it too!


Living Arrows
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