Slow cooker sweet potatoes

I was sat doing our food shopping the other night.  I do it online these days.  So much easier than negotiating the supermarket with two small children in tow!

Anyway, I was doing a mental meal plan as I was shopping, working out what we would eat that week and therefore what I needed to buy.  I thought about getting some potatoes, so I could make my slow cooker baked potatoes.  But then spotted a pack of sweet potatoes.

We both love sweet potatoes, but I tend to cut them into wedges and bake them.  I’ve not have them as replacement for baked potatoes before, but thought it had to be worth a try.  Well. what can I say, other than YUM!

slow cooker baked sweet potatoes 

So, if you fancy trying slow cooker sweet potatoes for yourself, here is the ‘recipe’.  It’s pretty much exactly the same as the method for cooking normal potatoes in the slow cooker, but in case you haven’t read that recipe here’s how you do it:

  • Get some foil or baking parchment and scrunch a few pieces into balls and put them in the slow cooker.  You want enough to cover the base.


  • Rub a bit of oil, salt and pepper into the potato skins.


  • Wrap them in foil.


  • Put them in the slow cooker, on top of the scrunched up foil/baking parchment.


  • Cook on low for about 8 hours.


  • Remove and top with whatever you fancy – I think chilli would be so tasty with these!


  • Enjoy!

There are a few things to note with these:

  • The skins won’t be at all crispy.  That’s just the way it is with slow cooking!  So if crispy skins are important to you then you might want to either stick to oven cooking them, or cook them this way then pop them in a hot oven for 5 minutes to crisp them up.


  • You really don’t need to add any water to the slow cooker.


  • We ended up making sweet potato tuna melts which were so delicious – basically you cook the potatoes as described above, cut them in half and lie them on a baking tray.  Then top with tuna mayo and cheese and pop under the grill for a few minutes until the cheese starts to melt and bubble.  So good!

Sweet potatoes not your thing?  Then check out my recipe for slow cooker jacket potatoes.

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