The siblings project – November 2017

There is a slight difference between this month’s siblings photos and October’s photos.

Just a month ago we were at the beach without coats, and I wrote in my siblings post about how lovely and warm it was when we went out to take our photos.

November’s photos were taken last weekend and oh my word it was chilly out!

Not that the children seemed to notice though.  Or if they did notice it didn’t bother them.  They were perfectly happy running around having fun, and then sitting for a few minutes so I could get some photos of them together.

siblings project november 3

siblings project november 2

siblings project november 1

I was more than happy with the photos of them sitting down together.  I think I took about 20 others of them in that spot that I could happily have shared in this post!

But then they went and stood together leaning on the railings and I just had to seize the moment and grab a few more photos.

siblings project november 4

I am so pleased that I started this project back in January, and that I’ve managed to stick with it up to this point.  I take a lot of photos of Rhys and Nerys but I’m not sure I would have all that many of them both together if I wasn’t pushed to do it every month.

It’s something that I’m definitely planning on continuing next year too.

I love having this little photographic record of them and their relationship each month.  What’s so funny is that month to month I don’t think they’ve really changed all that much, but then I look back at January’s siblings post and they do both look so much younger.

It’s the same with their relationship.  Month to month it doesn’t seem to change much, but then I look back at how they were at the start of the year and can see that actually things have shifted a bit.

As they both get older they can play together in a slightly different way.  Nerys is old enough now to ‘get’ some more of the games that Rhys wants to play.  He was teaching her to do ‘rock, paper, scissors’ the other day on the way to school and it was just so nice to hear them giggling away together while playing.

I quite often wake up in the mornings to the sound of them talking and giggling together in their bedroom, and go in to find them both in Nerys’ bed with a pile of toys around them that they’ve been playing with together.

I hope as they get older they realise how lucky they are to have each other.

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