siblings project december 2017

The siblings project – December 2017

I’m all out of sorts at the moment, and feel like I’ve completely lost track of time.

All year I’ve been pretty organised with my posts for the siblings project.  I’ve had it scheduled in my calendar and made sure I had taken photos of Rhys and Nerys together each month ready to put the post together for the 15th of the month.

This month though, the 15th came and went and I had completely forgotten about it.  

Luckily a quick check through our photos from the last month revealed some pictures of Rhys and Nerys together that are actually pretty perfect for the siblings project.  Taken on one of our standard beach trips a few weeks ago, these pictures are pretty representative of their relationship.

One minute playing together, happily cooperating.

siblings project december 2017 4

siblings project december 2017 5


The next, happily playing apart, lost in their own games.

siblings december 2017


And then, back together again.

Playing, laughing, having fun.

Last week they both did their Christmas concerts at school.  

What was really lovely was that they actually both got to see each other perform, as the school gets other classes to come and watch the dress rehearsals for each concert.

They were so excited, coming out of school and telling me that they’d seen each other that day. 

It was also really handy for me that Rhys saw Nerys’ dress rehearsal, because it meant that I could ask him what side of the stage she was on.  So when I went to watch it I managed to get a seat on the right side of the hall, with a perfect view of her singing away to all her songs.

One of the other mums and I were laughing, saying that we’d peaked as parents because we managed to get seats in the front row.  I’m normally stood at the back of the hall so it really did feel like a triumph for me.

Apparently at some schools they do like a silent auction for the front row seats, I wonder how much people end up paying for them!

Now that both concerts are done and dusted, we’re on the final countdown to the Christmas holidays and the children are both getting really quite excited.

It really is such a magical time of year when you’re little isn’t it! 

And as a parent it’s pretty amazing too, getting to experience that magic all over again through your children.

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