Kids’ days out with a difference

One of the many aspects of parenting is the need to find new, exciting activities to do with your children. There are a few old favourites that most families try at one time or another; the trips to theme parks, days spent at the beach, and visiting old castles and stepping back into another time.

As wonderful as these day trips are — and there is no denying they can be absolutely wonderful — sometimes, you and your family might find yourself wanting to try something different. If you’re experiencing this, then read through these suggestions of unique, brilliant day trips that the whole family will love.

Kids' days out with a difference

A Falconry Experience

Falconry is a lost art, now practiced for pleasure rather than purpose, but it is still a joy to behold. The birds are truly incredible; graceful, strong, and heavier than you might expect– which you and your kids will experience for yourselves if you fly hawks and allow them to land on your outstretched arms. Falconry experiences provide an entirely new insight into these glorious, majestic creatures, and you’ll have a day out that your kids will never forget.

kids days out falconry

An Escape Room Experience

If you’ve never heard of escape room experiences, then you have been missing out. The concept is deceptively simple: you are locked into a room, and you are given 60 minutes to find your way out. To do this, you have to navigate a host of clues, solve puzzles, and much more besides. It’s a fantastic experience that your kids will love, offering a touch of mystery to the usual day out fare. As escape room experiences are still relatively new, you might need to travel to London or other major cities, but it will be 100% worth it.   If you’re in Wales though there are already places in Swansea and Cardiff that offer the escape room experience.


Tree Top and Rope Outdoor Adventures

The best known company for these outdoor adventures is Go Ape, who have 61 centres dotted throughout the country– and you’ll definitely want to find your nearest and give it a try. The idea is simple: an outdoor maze of rope lines, bridges, small abseil ledges, and more are constructed (usually) in a forest. Your kids will adore the Tarzan-esque feeling of navigating their way through the course, and it’s fantastic exercise too!

Our closest Go Ape experience is at Margam Park, but there’s also a great high rope course at Bluestone if you’re ever on holiday there.

tall trees in woods

A Husky Experience

You may associate huskies with trips to the North Pole, but you’ll also find a delightful team of huskies at the North Yorkshire National Park. You and your kids can learn more about these beautiful dogs, and even go for a ride on a scooter pulled along by a team of dogs. It’s the North Pole experience without the risk of frostbite; what could be better?


Alpaca Walking

Yes, you read that correctly: alpaca walking. Alpacas are fantastic, fun creatures and they love to be walked; and you and your kids can be the ones holding the lead. There are a few alpaca walking experiences available in the UK, with the most well-known being in Dorset and Birmingham. If you want an outdoor activity with the addition of incredible animals, then this might be the perfect option for you.


Hopefully this list has provided a few unique ideas for your next day trip with the kids!


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.


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