The Gift of Giving: a thought this festive season

As a child, nothing feels better than receiving a gift. That crisp and shiny wrapping paper around a box is so inviting and exciting. You were never quite sure what was inside, but you knew it was for you and you knew it was going to be exciting.

Eventually, we reach an age where you get this feeling from both the receiving end as well as the giving end.  To see someone else benefit from your own action can trigger a deep and intimate emotion of generosity.

With the holiday season coming up, many of us will confuse this emotion with the need to overspend. Many splurge hundreds of pounds on festive gifts and fall into debt just to fund expensive and commercial gifts. You really don’t have to do this.

Here are some ways you can give this Christmas and still experience that feeling of generosity with falling into masses of debt.

The Gift of Giving_ a thought this festive season

Get to know them

Really get to know the person you are buying a gift for and listen to them intensively. Sometimes you may have to read between the lines. “Your coffee machine makes amazing coffee” could translate to “I would like a coffee machine” – a perfect gift idea.

If you know a specific item you would like to buy that they are definitely going to LOVE – you are less likely to overspend and buy masses of presents for that one person in the hope that it will make up for not having a clue what they really want.

You can just stick with that one gift that is going to make their face completely light up when they open it.


Give an experience

With many people funding their own requirements these days, it can be difficult to know what to get someone that already has everything. In these situations, again you may end up overspending to compensate for not really knowing what to get.

A great answer is to buy them an experience, something they can physically go and do. It could be tickets to a theatre show for someone who loves art and music or seats at a football match for someone who loves the sport. You can still wrap these types of gifts; even put them inside an empty box to help disguise what the gift is.


Offer help

Over the holidays, you can get the same feeling as giving a gift by helping out someone. It could just be babysitting your relative’s child so that they can go out and enjoy some festive drinks, offering to walk a neighbour’s dog or cook your parents a nice meal.

You can even offer help to those less fortunate this year by donating to a charity. Read up on how a particular charity uses the money to help and make a difference and by donating to them, you will certainly feel that warm feeling of generosity and satisfaction that you have made a difference. It doesn’t have to be a lot, click here to see an example of a charity and what they can really do with you donations.


Know the influence you have from giving

Yes, it’s proven that the act of giving makes us feel happy. But it’s also important to consider how you are making the other person feel. Your one meaningful gift could brighten up their whole outlook on life.

Many people have the presumptions that others don’t really care about them, it can strengthen your relationship with them, make them feel loved and giving really is contagious. Through your act of giving, you could encourage another to do the same, and another, and another. One single act of kindness can inspire several more acts of generosity.


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.


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