#ShowYouWereThere round up

‘Show you were there’ round up

I’ve had a bit of a break, but now it’s once again Sunday morning, and that can only mean one thing.

Time for another round up from my little Instagram community #ShowYouWereThere.

My first pick for this week is this amazingly joyful collage of photos from Jen at Spoonfuls of glitter.

I challenge you to look at these photos and not smile!

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I love these pictures, they really make me smile! Two of my favourite people in the whole world! My Mum and my Nan! There’s almost 20 years between each of us and we are three peas in a pod! Taking a picture is always tricky, we all end up either laughing or my little Nan can’t get in the shot unless me and Mum crouch down or sit beside her!! It’s funny because, Nan is around 5ft, Mum 5ft 3 and I’m 5ft 9, we aren’t sure how that happened but I tower them both!!😂😂 I love them with all my heart, they are my rocks and the best Mum and Nan I could ever ask for!❤️#magicmoments #mymum #threegenerations #mynan #motheranddaughter #nan #nanandgrandaughter #threeblondes #happypicture #laughalittle #donttakelifetooseriously #havefun #laughmore #shared_joy #mumslife #beinggrandma #myrock #bestfriends #showyouwerethere #dontworrybehappy #love #littlestoriesofmylife

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Next up is this wintry photo from Bex at The Mummy Adventure.

I just love this mummy/daughter moment, as well as the bright and colourful coordinating ski-wear!


My third choice is from Elaine at Entertaining Elliot.

This is such a lovely family photo, and such a good reminder in Elaine’s caption of why I started #ShowYouWereThere – the fact that it is so easy to take hundreds of photos of our children but somehow so much harder to remember to all get in a photo together!


My last pick for this time is from the lovely Wendy at Naptime Natter.

I was so happy when I found out that Wendy was pregnant, and I am loving her honest posts about the ups and downs of pregnancy and how getting through the tough parts really does make you feel like wonder woman!

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Yes! I totally feel like Wonder Woman for making it through the first trimester of my third pregnancy. I’m 14weeks +2 now and the past couple months have been HARD! The exhaustion has just been on another level, getting out of bed to do the school run has felt like torture and I’m so glad the days of feeling like I’m going to throw up the second I open my eyes in the morning seem to be over. It’s only been two years but I’d forgotten how hard this first bit of pregnancy is and it’s been so much harder this time around with the two boys to look after. I am so happy to be in the second trimester now, baby bump has popped and energy levels are slowly rising again – thank god!! Yup, I’m totally Wonder Woman for getting through the horrible first trimester. Here’s hoping my pregnancy glow shows up soon! p.s don’t forget, you’re all Wonder Women too! 💕

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Thank you so much to everyone who is using #ShowYouWereThere, I love seeing your photos popping up over on Instagram, they always make me smile so much.


Now my turn.

In the Christmas break we had a few lovely walks along the beach at Swansea bay, perfect for blowing away the cobwebs!

While we were there Steve took the camera from me and grabbed a few photos of me with the children, and here is one of my favourites.

Show you were there

If you’d like to join in with my little community and possibly be featured in my next round up (with a nice link back to your blog!) then just share a photo of yourself over on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere.  It’s all about getting more parents in more photos.  And if you’d like to take part in my guest post series ‘The photo I’m thankful for’ then take a look at this post or email me at thisgloriouslife@gmail.com for more information.


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