Tips save money travel UK

Tips for saving money when travelling in the UK

When you’re looking to travel, you’ll often notice it seems to be cheaper to travel abroad than it is to travel in the UK.

However, thankfully there are lots of great ways to save money when travelling around the country. So, whether you’re looking to stay local, or you’re looking to travel a little further afield in the UK, here you’ll discover some of the best tips to help you save money.

Tips for saving money when travelling in the UK

Take advantage of off-peak travel

You can save potentially a lot of money on UK travel if you choose to travel off peak. This is especially true if you plan on taking the train. You’ll find that off peak tickets come at a much lower price, and there’s even the possibility you could benefit from super-off peak prices.

Another great tip with public transportation is to book in advance. If you already know what dates you’ll be travelling, booking well in advance can save you a lot of money on the cost of the journey compared to booking on the day.


Head to cheaper regions

Did you know that some parts of the country are cheaper to travel to than others? Obviously, areas close to home are going to be cheaper than those far away, but when it comes to the overall travel experience including the cost of accommodation and entertainment, there’s some regions which are much cheaper than others.

These cheaper regions include the north of England, Wales, Devon and Scotland (providing it’s outside of Edinburgh). Take time to research the different locations before deciding which one would be right for you.


Consider buying sightseeing passes

If you’ll be heading to any of the major attractions in the UK, you could save money by investing in sightseeing passes. Theme Parks and major cities offer sightseeing passes which allow you free entry or free admission onto the rides. You can even buy Heritage passes, which allow you entry into some of the UK’s top heritage attractions. You can buy a Heritage Pass from the National Trust.

Travelling around the UK can be expensive, but with the clever tips above you could save potentially a lot of money. Don’t forget to check out the free attractions in the area you’ll be visiting too. These can save you a small fortune on the cost of your little getaway.  

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