#ShowYouWereThere round up

Show You Were There – January round up

I know a lot of people feel that January seems to go on forever, but it feels like it’s flown by to me.  I can’t quite believe that we’re already at the last Sunday of the month and that it’s time for my first round up of #ShowYouWereThere for the year.

In case you’ve not come across it before, #ShowYouWereThere is all about getting more parents in more photos, both with and for our children.

If you’d like to join in then just use that hashtag on any photo that features you (or another grown up who’s important to your child) in some way.


My first pick for this round up is this gorgeous photo from Wendy at Naptime Natter.

Firstly because that smile on her daughter’s face is just beautiful, and secondly because it’s a great example of how you don’t always have to show your face to be present in photos with your children!


Next up is this chilly-looking photo from Maria at Suburban Mum.

It’s made me feel like I need to get out to some more picturesque places this year!


My third pick this time is from Kim at OddHogg.

I love this photo of Kim and her son, but also feel her pain about how tricky it can be to take children places like the dentist!


My last choice for this round up is from Nicola at Mummy to Dex.

It’s such a lovely photo, with the colour-coordinated outfits!  And if anyone has any advice for Nicola on helping little ones nap when they’re at nursery pop over and leave her a comment!


Thank you so much to everyone who is using #ShowYouWereThere, I love seeing your photos popping up over on Instagram, they always make me smile so much.

Now my turn.

Steve took this photo of me when we were in Bluestone recently, and I love it in all its imperfections.  The sun is too bright on my face and I’m almost make-up free and dishevelled from being out in the wind and it’s a wonderful reminder of a day spent simply having fun with my family.


If you’d like to join in with my little community and possibly be featured in my next round up (with a nice link back to your blog!) then just share a photo of yourself over on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere.  It’s all about getting more parents in more photos and I’d love to see as many people as possible jumping in front of the camera more.

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