Relish the remarkable ride.

Back in the summer my best friend sent me a copy of ‘About time‘ for my birthday.  It was a bit of a gamble on my part, asking for a film I’d never seen before but the reviews were good and it had Rachel McAdams in it who I love.

So, I eventually found a few hours all to myself and sat down with a cup of coffee and watched the film.  And the gamble paid off, I loved it!

The film is based around the idea of time travel, but more than that, it’s about the idea of making the most of this life.  Of not getting caught up in the stresses and strains, but to instead pay attention to all the wonderful moments and little details that make up this amazing journey.

This is one of my favourite lines from the film:


I’m so guilty of starting to be more mindful, and to cherish those little moments every day, and then letting it slip and getting caught up in the to-do lists and the little stresses of life instead.  I love reading quotes like this that bring my focus back to what’s really important.
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