Things that bug me about Friends (that also show I’ve watched it far too much)

I am a big lover of the TV programme Friends.  All these years after it finished I’ll still quite happily watch it over and over again.  I have the complete box set which was a life-saver during the newborn-constant-feeding phase.  I still cry every time Rachel gets off the plane.

The show has been back in the news recently after someone found aclip where Rachel wasn’t Rachel and it sent shock waves around the world.

Now, I’m ok with them using stand-ins and I’ll let the fact that one of them made it into the show slide.

But, there are one or two other things about Friends that bug me.  And here they are:

1) When Monica says “People have got to finish their shtories”.

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed this!  In ‘the one with the red sweater’, when Joey, Phoebe and Monica are first starting to work out who the father of Rachel’s baby is, Monica says this line with a kind of lisp.  Watch at 2.07!

I know it’s irrational, but this really bugs me!  Surely someone noticed?  Could they really not do just one more take?

2) When Monica does the washing up while wearing Emily’s wedding dress.  

Seriously?  Monica the clean freak would seriously do the washing up while wearing someone else’s wedding dress?!  And play with the dress while still wearing the rubber gloves?  I don’t think so!


3)  When Joey is made out to be a complete idiot when he’s trying to learn French.

Ok, so he can learn to say “frontal temporal zygomatic craniotomy” and “Caravaggio uses chiaroscuro here to highlight the anguish of the central figure” but he can’t manage to say “Je m’appelle Claude”?

I know he’s not the brightest person ever, but even he’s not that dumb.  This bothers me so much that I really don’t like to watch it, so I’ve got no idea what else happens in that episode!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s bothered by these things!  That would mean I really have just watched the programme too many times, but I’m not ready to stop watching it yet!

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