Reasons you should organise your paperwork at home

4 reasons you should organise your paperwork at home

Considering we live in a pretty digital age there is still a huge amount of paperwork that comes into our house.

For a long time I was quite disorganised with it, and honestly it made life quite stressful, not knowing where important documents were when I needed them.  Then we bought a little filing cabinet for the house and I started the process of organising everything.  It’s still an on-going process but for the most part now our paperwork is pretty sorted.

If your paperwork is still piled up in random places at home, here are four reasons you should get it organised:

4 reasons you should organise your paperwork at home


1. It’ll make things less stressful

If you know where important documents are in your house it makes life much easier when you need to get your hands on them quickly.

Pick a drawer or a special box to hold things like your passport, cheque book and the paper counterpart to your driving licence so you always know where they are should you need them.

Next collate important documents like birth certificates and insurance policies and file them together in a folder or home filing cabinet.


2. You’ll save money and time

Sorting through your paperwork and filing it properly might even make you some money.

Lots of people have claimed back money after making PPI claims, so it’s worth checking through your old accounts and financial products to see if you could make a claim too.  Just make sure you do it before the PPI deadline.  You can make a claim yourself or use a company to do it for you.


While you’re sorting through everything you may well also come across old bank accounts or savings that you’ve forgotten about.  Now would be a great time to close those accounts down and move the funds to a high interest savings account.

It’s still worth making the effort to organise your paperwork even if you know you don’t have a PPI claim to make or any old, forgotten accounts.  It’ll save you so much time in the future when you need to find something, and could save you money in needing to order duplicates of important documents that you can’t find.


3. It will help your family in the future

I know no one likes to think about it, but having all your paperwork organised and filed away will be a huge help to your family if something happens to you.

Get all your bank statements, insurance policies and other important paperwork together and file them away.  Bonus points if you put things away in chronological order.  If you’re really feeling organised then putting together a document with key information like your life insurance policy number, bank account details, and login information for key online accounts would be a huge help to your family later on.


4. It’ll make life in general easier

Having all your paperwork sorted will help life in general run more smoothly.

When new bits and pieces arrive in the post you can deal with them straight away and then know exactly where to file them to keep them safe.  And if you mark important dates on your calendar as you’re working through everything you’ll feel even more organised.  No more stressing about when your MOT is due or when it’s time to look at switching insurance companies before your current policy automatically renews.


Hopefully these reasons have given you a bit of a push to get your paperwork sorted out once and for all.  So now you just need to get some folders or a home filing cabinet and get to it!


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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