Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2018 – 31/52

We’re just over a week into the summer holidays and we’ve already been swimming three times.

And the children spent a morning last week splashing around in the lido at Blackpill.

I think maybe we’re making up for all the time that went by without us taking Nerys swimming.  She had a great time in the pool when we went to Bluestone last year and then we didn’t take her again until a few months ago.

Luckily though she seems to have really found her confidence in the water.

living arrows

This was her face after swimming yesterday, when she braved bobbing about without her armbands on and put her head under the water for longer and longer periods of time.

We’ve put her name down to start proper lessons in September and I think she’ll come on really quickly there.

This week though it’s Rhys’ turn to challenge himself a bit.

Today he’s starting a week of diving lessons and I can’t wait to see how he gets on with it.  I have never learnt to dive (I’ve never really liked putting my head under the water) so it makes me so happy to see him so bold and keen to do it.

He’s already started the very beginning stages of learning to dive in his normal lessons, so I’m really curious to see how far he gets with it over the next four days.  Whatever happens though he’ll still be doing more than I’ve ever done with diving!


Is there anything that your children can do that you’ve never mastered yourself?


Living Arrows
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