Me and mine – March 2018

I was looking at the calendar a few days ago and realised we were fast approaching the end of March.

This realisation brought with it the question of ‘when and where are we going to take our family photos for this month?’

And then I remembered, we’d already taken them!  When we went out for a walk on Mother’s day we stopped to take some photos of Rhys and Nerys together for March’s siblings project post.  And it was actually Steve who suggested we take a few family photos at the same time, so I wasn’t stressing about it at the end of the month.

So the camera was handed over to my mother-in-law and we squeezed in for a few pictures.

me and mine march 2018


I really love these photos, and I’m so happy that Steve thought to have them taken that day while we had the chance!

We’ve had a relatively quiet month in March, with life just sort of pottering happily along.  We did finally have a birthday party for Nerys though, after having to postpone it thanks to the little bit of snow we had making it a bit iffy for people to get up to where our house is on the hill.

A lot of the children in her class have had big birthday parties this year.  The sort where you hire a hall and a bouncy castle and maybe a superhero or a princess to come and entertain the children.  Nerys has really enjoyed going to these parties, but we wanted to do something a bit more low-key for her.

Luckily she has formed quite close friendships with some of the girls in her class so we had a couple of them round to the house for a little party.  They did a craft activity, ate some party food and played pass the parcel and musical statues.

It was a lot of fun for them, and so lovely for me to actually get to see her playing with her friends that she talks about so much!

We’re planning on doing the same sort of thing for Rhys for his birthday next month, it’s what we’ve always done for him and he’s always enjoyed it.  I think having a big party with the whole class would be a bit overwhelming for him.  Next year though, when he turns 8, I think we might need to change things up a bit and maybe take a few of his friends bowling or something.

What do you normally do as a birthday party for your children?


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  1. Jemma 06/04/2018 / 7:17 pm

    Birthdays for children, I’m lucky mine are still young so haven’t had to do that yet. I’m expecting next year may be different.

    • This glorious life
      09/04/2018 / 8:59 pm

      It all changes when they start school really, and all the other children in the class have them! x

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