I think I might be a dog person

I think I might actually be a dog person

I always thought I was a cat person.

Most people seem to fall into one of two categories, a dog person or a cat person, and I always thought I fell into the second group.

My parents always had cats, my brother has a cat and my sister has just brought home a gorgeous little kitten.

The more time goes by though the more I start to think I might actually be more of a dog person.  Which is good I suppose because the children (and Steve) have been talking about getting a dog for ages.

The real question then becomes, what type of dog would we end up getting?


I don’t know all that much about different breeds of dogs, having come from a family of cat lovers.

So I had a bit of fun playing with a game from Lords and Labradors which matches you up with the perfect dog to suit your star sign.  I’ve always loved reading my horoscopes so this idea really made me smile, and I was quite excited to see what dog would be a good match for me.

I’m a Leo, and according to this my perfect dog would be a pug.

Now, I’m not too sure about this to be honest, but Rhys would be really happy if we went with that idea because he’s loved pugs ever since he found out that DanTDM has one!

Looking at the star signs of everyone else in the family we should either get a pug, a shih tzu, a beagle or an Australian shepherd dog.

I think out of those options I’d lean towards the Australian shepherd dog, which is the dog most suited to Nerys as a Pisces.  Apparently they’re both affectionate and sensitive which is what makes them a good match.


This is all just a bit of a hypothetical discussion at the moment anyway, we’re really not quite ready for a dog, but it is something I think we’ll seriously talk about in the next few years.

There’s so much to consider though, from making sure we have the space for one, and all the stuff they potentially need from the basics like food to things like dog crate covers and plenty of toys.  We’d also need to make sure we had the time available to commit to caring for a dog properly, with regular walks for exercise.

So much to think about, so it’s a good thing really we have plenty of time to just have fun talking through all the options!


Do you have a dog? 

How did you decide which breed was best for you and your family?


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