me and mine November

Me and mine – November 2018

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I am so pleased that I do these posts every month because they give me the push I need to make sure we take photos of the four of us together.

Some months it feels like quite a bit of effort to do it, and there are times when I think about not bothering.

But every single time I’m so happy that we take the time to just do it.

And I know that in another month’s time when I can look back at a whole year’s worth of family photos I will be thrilled that we’ve stuck with it.

This month’s photos were taken on a quiet Sunday walk in Clyne woods.

Me and mine November

Me and mine November


We’ll quite often have a slow start to the day on Sundays.

Then we’ll take the children to their swimming lessons after an early lunch, then go straight from swimming for a walk somewhere.

We tend to head to either the beach, Singleton Park or Clyne woods for a good wander.  With these places being quite a regular part of our family routine, I really love having family photos taken there.

I hope the children have happy memories of these little Sunday outings when they’re older, I really do.

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