Storecupboard essentials for Christmas

Christmas store cupboard essentials

Christmas will be here before we know it, and it feels like there are a hundred and one things to do, buy and remember.

Making sure we have the right food, and enough of it, for Christmas is one of the main things on a lot of people’s to-do lists.  A lot of the food like the turkey and smoked salmon need to bought quite close to the big day but there are lots of other bits you can stock up in advance and tick off your list.

Here are some store cupboard essentials to stock up on to see you through the festive period.

Christmas storecupboard essentials


Pasta and rice

These are absolute staples in my little store cupboard.

Pasta makes a quick and filling meal with just a simple sauce, and can also be perfect for cold salads too.

Risotto rice is really handy to have for a simple meal, and long-grain rice is a great alternative to pasta in salads.



Stock cubes or stock melts are really useful to have in the cupboard.  They can be used as a base for gravies or sauces in all kinds of dishes, and are so easy to use.


Tinned fish

We always have a few tins of tuna in the cupboard for pasta salads and tuna melts.

You can also use tinned fish for pies, homemade fish cakes or simple fish pate.


Jams or preserves

Strawberry jam, raspberry jam, marmalade, lemon curd, honey.

Keep a few options in the cupboard for spreading on toast for a quick breakfast, putting in the middle of sponge cakes or to add to puddings and baked goodies.



Have a think about the type of meals you’ll be eating over Christmas and make sure you have all the condiments you’ll want to go with them.

This’ll include things like mayonnaise, ketchup, brown sauce, cranberry sauce, salad cream and sweet chilli sauce.



Along with condiments it’s always nice to have a few jars of pickle and chutney in the cupboard for enjoying with cold meats and cheese.


Stuffing mix

This is useful to have for the main meal on Christmas day but can also be a nice thing to mix up and cook to have cold with leftovers on boxing day.



A jar of mincemeat is a must have if you’ll be making mince pies.

It can also be used to add to a muffin mix or stirred into ice cream for a festive twist.


Mixed nuts

A great snack to put out for guests, or just for yourself, as they are.  But you can make them a bit more special by roasting them with some chilli flakes and sea salt.



Whether it’s in a tin or a carton, custard is the essential accompaniment to Christmas winter desserts.



Keep a few bars of each type of chocolate in the cupboard for any baking you might want to do, or to melt to use as a sauce over puddings.


Biscuits for cheese

A box of cream crackers or assorted crackers and biscuits is great to have handy to serve with cheese after dinner, or as a simple meal when you don’t want to cook.


Coffee, tea bags and hot chocolate mix

For you and any visitors who may stop by over the festive period.

If you have young children waking you up at the crack of dawn on Christmas day you really don’t want to be running out of coffee or tea!


I think that’s pretty much all your Christmas store cupboard essentials covered.  

Is there anything else that you always make sure you have tucked away at this time of year?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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