Me and Mine Jan 2019

Me and Mine – January 2019

There are a few photo projects that I’ve been determined to stick with over the last few years on this blog.  And the me and mine project is one of them.

Every month we aim to take at least one family photo, so that at the end of the year we have a really lovely record of the time we’ve spent together.

For a while I would see the gorgeous photos other bloggers took of them and their families in stunning locations and feel like that was something I needed to be doing too.  After a while though I realised that’s just not us.  And while a part of me would still love some beautiful photos like that to display in our home, it’s these relaxed, natural, standard family photos that I actually really love printing out and looking back on in our family photo albums.

So we’re kicking off 2019 with a photo that just sums up our Sundays at the moment.

Everyone wrapped up warm.  The children with hair still damp from swimming lessons.  At the little park down the road.

Me and Mine Jan 2019


They may not be breathtakingly beautiful, but these photos are pretty special to me and really that’s all that matters isn’t it!

I know that in the years to come I’ll be so grateful that we captured these simple, everyday moments.


How often do you manage to get a photo of the whole family together?

I know that if I didn’t do these posts every month and have that little nudge to do it we wouldn’t have nearly as many family photos as we do.

So if you’re not sure when you last took a family photo, make it your mission to get everyone in front of the camera this weekend!

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