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Living Arrows 2019 – 5/52

I have a feeling I might be the only blogger not sharing a photo of their children playing in the snow this week for Living Arrows.

Unfortunately for my children we live in Swansea and, despite dramatic weather forecasts and predictions of snowmaggeddon, we only had the lightest dusting of the white stuff.

What we have had though is more cold weather and cold symptoms.  So we’ve not been up to a huge amount.

Which was a bit of shame seeing as this was the week that Rhys brought home his class dragon.  That’s right. Class dragon.

Living arrows

Rhys needed to take him out and about with him, and then write about what they’d got up to.  In Welsh.

Now, I don’t speak much Welsh beyond good morning, good afternoon and goodnight, so I really wasn’t much help to him.  Luckily google came to the rescue and helped us put a few sentences together about how they’d been out to the park to play Pokemon.

Which is about all we managed this weekend, along with the usual swimming lessons.


I suppose it’s for the best really, we might have been in trouble if we needed to say much more than that in Welsh.

I’ve been saying for a while now that I should try to learn the language and I do think it’s something I need to make an effort with.  Both the children are learning it at school and I do feel bad when I can’t help them at all with it, and it’s a very strange feeling when they say something to me in Welsh and I can’t understand them.


If you were thinking about learning a new language how would you go about it?

Would you find a class to go to or try one of the apps or online courses to do it?


Living Arrows
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