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Me and Mine – December 2020

So here we are.  A pretty strange end to the strangest year.

If you’d told me back in January how things would go this year there’s not a chance I would’ve believed you.  Even now, having lived through it, it all still feels so surreal.

But here we are.

We’re ending the year in lockdown here in Wales, so we’re back to staying home as much as possible.  The guidance here is to only go out for essentials, and to stay as close to home as possible when we go out for exercise.

Luckily the weather has been pretty dry and we have a fair few places close to where we live that are really lovely for walks.

We headed down to the beach for the first time in ages the other day, and took our last family photos of the year in Victoria Park.


We’ve had a really quiet, lazy Christmas break this year, with a few walks around the local parks and far too much screen time.

After all the upheaval and uncertainty that the children have coped with this year, I think they’ve really needed this time to just shut off from everything for a bit.

They were due to be going back to school on the 6th of January but it’s now looking like that’ll be pushed back until at least the week after.  I’m trying hard not to worry too much about it, and just take things as they come for the next few weeks.

We’re really lucky in that both Steve and I work from home and can be flexible with our hours.  So while it is a juggle having the children at home doing school work, it is doable in a way that I know it’s not for a lot of other families.

I think we’ll hold off another day or two before chatting to the children about it all though.

For now we’ll enjoy a few more days of the Christmas bubble, full of treats and tv and playing with new toys and games.

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