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Living Arrows 2020 – 52/52

I was looking back through some of the photos that I’ve taken of the children for Living Arrows this year and I just can’t quite believe they’re all from the same year.

The photos from the very start of the year feel like they were taken a lifetime ago.  So much has changed since then, it all feels really quite surreal.

After all the changes this year, it’s been so lovely over the last week to be able to bring back some old, familiar Christmas traditions.  Like getting the children to pose for photos in front of the Christmas tree!


Christmas day itself was a really nice mix of old and new.

We started the day the same way we always do, with shouts of ‘he’s been’ and gathering on our bed to open our stockings, one present at a time.

Then where we would normally head up to my in-laws after breakfast, this year they came to us for the first time.

Steve had been organised and cooked the turkey and made the chocolate torte on Christmas eve, so the cooking of the main Christmas dinner was surprisingly stress-free, and the children loved spending the day with their grandparents while still getting to be at home.

We also managed to do a group video call with my parents, my siblings and their partners, and all the cousins which was so much fun, and a lovely way to feel like we’d seen each other while we were scattered around the country.

It was a lovely, fun, relaxed Christmas day that I’m so thankful we were able to have, even just for that one day before heading back into the lockdown that’s been put in place here in Wales.

Things are still so uncertain here, it’s been so nice to just shut the world out for a few days and give the children a relatively normal Christmas, with lots of treats to eat and plenty of new games and books to get stuck into.  We were also able to spoil them a bit with their main presents, thanks to contributions from their grandparents, which lead them to declare this the best Christmas ever.

So I’m holding on to the festivities for a bit longer, to enjoy this break from reality a bit more.

We’ll leave our tree and decorations up until new year’s day and in the meantime keep enjoying cheesy films, twinkly fairy lights and big piles of chocolate.


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