Me and mine April 2021

Me and Mine – April 2021

April turned out to be a bit of a busier month than I thought it would be.

I hoped it would be a month of getting back into the rhythms and routines of both children being back in school after the Easter break.  But as it turned out we managed a week of that before Rhys came down with some kind of bug.  He had a headache and generally wasn’t quite himself on the second Monday back at school, and that evening he had a pretty high temperature.

So we all ended up having to stay at home while we got him tested.  We were almost certain it wasn’t coronavirus, but had to check before letting either him or Nerys go back into school.

Luckily we got the negative test results in time for us all to be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine on his birthday.


That’s when we took this month’s family photo.  Towards the end of a lovely walk through Singleton Park, before we headed back to our house for pizza in the garden with Nana and Pops.

We’ve now managed another full week of the children being back in school, and I’m back to feeling hopeful that we’ll make it through to half term at least without any more disruptions!

There are a few things to look forward to as well, now we’re heading into May.

We can form an extended household again from the 4th, which means the children can go and stay with their grandparents again and we can all go in each other’s houses when we need to.

The children should also be able to go back to some of their activities outside school too in the next few weeks.  Swimming lessons are starting back up again and Rhys can go back to cubs as well, even if that’s outside still for a while.

There’s even talk of the Swansea air show going ahead this year which will be amazing if that actually happens.

What are you and your family most looking forward to over the next month or two?

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