Me and Mine 2017

We did it.

We made a whole year of the me and mine project, taking a family photo every month.

And I am beyond happy that we stuck it out and made the effort each time.

Our last set of family photos were taken on a little walk through Singleton Park, enjoying a break in the rain and a break in the usual school/work routine thanks to the Christmas holidays.

They were also made easier and more fun to take because I remembered to pop my remote trigger in the camera bag before we left the house.  So much better than taking multiple photos with the timer function!

me and mine family photo Singleton Park Swansea

Along with Living Arrows, this is a photo project I’m determined to carry on with in 2018.

It might seem a bit of a hassle at the time, but I’m so grateful that we took the time each month to take a photo together.  Because now I have this little collection of family pictures to look back on!

Some things really are worth taking a bit of time for.

I can’t see me ever regretting taking the camera along with us on a trip out and taking a few minutes for a quick family photo like these!

One of my plans for 2018 is to get our photos sorted out, and actually print a load out and start putting them in good old-fashioned albums.  And I love the thought of having at least one photo of the four of us together each month in those albums.

Taking family photos is so often one of those things that we think we’ll get round to in the mythical land of ‘later’.  It’s too easy to put off getting in front of the camera, and the weeks and months go so quickly, I really appreciate having this push every month to just get on with it and take these photos.

I’m really looking forward to doing this all over again in 2018!


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