Living Arrows 2017 – A year in photos

For the second year in a row I’ve taken part in the Living Arrows project, taking and sharing a photo of my children every week.

I absolutely love joining in with it, taking time to snap at least one photo of Rhys and Nerys each week. 

As much as I love photography I think there would likely be weeks when I didn’t pick up my big camera and photograph them without the Living Arrows project.  So I really appreciate having this little prompt each week to capture them on camera.

They really do change so much over the course of a year, it’s amazing to look back at all the photos and see how much their features have changed and how much older they suddenly look.

Take a look and see how different Nerys in particular looks from the first photo to the last!















I love looking back at these photos and seeing quite how many of them were taken while we were out and about at the beach or the park.

We really are so lucky to live where we do, to be able to make the most of little windows of sunshine and breaks in rainy weather and pop out to the beach for a blast of fresh air.

2017 was quite a big year for both the children.

Rhys moved into year 2 at school and has settled brilliantly.  He had a bit of a tricky time towards the end of year 1 so I’m thrilled that he’s doing so well now, and has a teacher who is lovely and really seems to understand him and how to get the best from him.

He has come on in leaps and bounds with his reading and loves going to bed with a pile of books to read before he goes to sleep.  He prefers reading non-fiction and learning about history and the world around him.  But he’s also discovered the joy of fiction as well, thanks to my mum sending him a copy of Flat Stanley which he read in one go and absolutely loved.

I love looking back at his photos from this year and seeing the 2 of him looking so proud with his trophies, one for completing a 1k race back in September, and the other for getting the most dojo points at school one week for working hard and trying his best.  It was just lovely to see him so happy after working so hard to achieve something.

Nerys started in the nursery class at school in September and also settled really quickly.

I think going to the Rising 3s class as soon as she turned 3 was definitely the right thing for her.  She was so ready to start at school and loves getting her school uniform on and spending time with her new friends.

She’s learning her letters and numbers and is so proud to show me what she’s been doing when I pick her up from school.

I’m really quite excited to see what 2018 brings for all of our family.  To see what new things the children will learn at school, to see what interests and passions start to surface.

And I’m looking forward to a whole new year of taking photos every week for the Living Arrows project! 


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  1. Mammy 31/12/2017 / 6:02 pm

    What a lovely report. You must be so proud of the children, they really have done well. And beautiful photos too.

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