Living arrows – 8/52

I’ll be completely honest with you here.  I’ve been feeling a little bit frustrated with my photos of the kids, or lack thereof, recently.  I think with all the rain and dark and illness I’ve been a bit uninspired, and then end up only picking the camera up at bedtime to snap a quick shot of them.  By which point the light is gone and the photos are nice, but a bit, well, uninspired.

So today Nerys and I had a little photo shoot.

I opened up the hallway door to let the natural light flood in and, oh, the results make me so much happier!


I’m planning a blog post in celebration of her second birthday this coming weekend, and I think a few more photos from our little session will make an appearance then!  For now though, I just had to share this one.  I’m not sure what exactly had caught her eye outside but I just love the expression on her face.

At times she seems so grown up to me, it’s hard to believe that she’s only just turning two.  But at the same time, I can’t believe she’s turning two!  Where did that time go?  Where did my teeny baby go?!

Living Arrows
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