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Living Arrows 2021 – 8/52

We’re all feeling a bit anxious today.  A bit apprehensive.  Just that little bit unsure about what this week will bring.

Rhys is back to home learning on Wednesday (our school have planning days today and tomorrow) and Nerys is due back at school.  We went back and forth quite a bit about what we thought was best, and have ultimately reached the conclusion that she will be going back in.

And I do feel anxious about it.  And apprehensive and unsure.

I trust our school though.  I trust that they’ll do everything they can to keep all the children and the staff as safe as possible.  And I know that Nerys will do well being back in the classroom, spending time physically with her teachers and her friends.  I just still have that niggling feeling of worry about it all.

Nerys is nervous too.  After all this time at home she’s worried she’ll miss us, and she knows that things at school still won’t be anywhere near ‘normal’, which upsets her a bit.

So I’m pleased we have these extra two days to spend together at home, after a really quite lovely half term break.

We managed to get out to the local parks and to the beach most days last week and the fresh air did us all a world of good.  It’s hard to worry about going back to school when you’re on a windswept beach, chasing a football and taunting the tide.


The half term break was also full of Harry Potter films and Roblox games, a little bit of crafting for Brownies, and a few late nights.

It was a really welcome break from home learning and the children loved being able to just relax a bit, before heading into the next half term which is likely to bring with it more changes as older children start possibly heading back into school again too.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty about what’s happening, and I know it’ll take us a while to get used to this new routine for a bit of Nerys being in school and Rhys still doing work at home.

I’m looking for the positives though.  With just one child at home it should be easier to juggle home learning and my own work, and Rhys can have a bit more of my attention during the day when he needs it.  And then Nerys can have a bit of time one on one with me too, on the way to and from school.  I’m hoping the weather plays ball so we can walk home from school most days this week, to buy us that little bit of extra time together.

Are any of your children heading back to school this week or is it back to home learning again in your house?


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