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Living Arrows 2021 – 27/52

Does anyone else’s child go through phases where, all of a sudden, they’re obsessed with something again that they’ve not mentioned in months?  Or years?

This is why I can never throw anything away!  Because I never know when the children might suddenly rediscover their interest in things.

The latest thing in our house is Pokémon cards.  Again.


Rhys has been into these on and off for years now, learning all about the different Pokémon and which ones are the best to have in your collection.

I still don’t know all that much about them to be honest, but every now and then I think I should take some time to learn so I understand what he’s on about when he tells me all about the latest card in his collection.

He does have a Pokemon handbook on his bookshelf so maybe I should add that to my summer reading list this year!


Do your children like Pokémon?

What things have you found that your children keep coming back to over the months and years?


Living Arrows
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