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Living Arrows 2021 – 24/52

Well this weekend was rather glorious wasn’t it!

After a week of wall to wall drizzle and mist, it was so lovely to wake up to blue skies and sunshine on Saturday.

Yesterday morning we decided to get up and out to the beach before the real heat of the day hit.  We walked down through Singleton park, onto the beach and straight down to the sea for a paddle.

There were loads of people out in the water on paddle boards, who must’ve been braver than me because the water really wasn’t that warm when we splashed about in it!

The children had a great time though, searching through the stones and shells in the tideline for the perfect ones to throw out into the water.


It was the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday morning, and now none of us can wait for a longer spell of hot weather to warm the sea up just that bit more so we can actually go for a proper swim.

We’re starting to put together our summer bucket list for this year and swimming in the sea is something that’s been added recently.

I need to actually get all our ideas down on paper before I start to forget them.

For now we have things like visiting the LC, eating fish and chips by the sea, having a picnic in the park, going to Folly Farm, and making brownies.

What sort of things would you put on a summer bucket list?  I’m always looking for new, fun things we could add to our list!


Living Arrows
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