How to explore gratitude with your child

Exploring gratitude with your child

Gratitude is a key way for your child to learn about kindness, respect and support of others around them.

In this guide from an independent school in Oxfordshire, we take a look at the ways you can explore gratitude with your child and how it will help them grow.


Saying your pleases and thank yous

This is one of the first parts of gratitude that should be explored with your child. Saying please after each request and thanking them for any gifts, favours and requests done will give your child the first steps towards being grateful and respectful towards others.

Even these small remarks will teach children to be thankful for a lot of things in their life and building positive relationships with friends, teachers and family members.


Ask your child what they’re thankful for

You should ask your child once a day what they are grateful for. Whether it’s something they learnt about at school or something their friend did for them that day, it’s something your child should learn to be grateful for.

These small things will make your child feel a lot more positive about their outlook on life and how people should express gratitude wherever they can.


Express gratitude in front of your child

Your child will learn from you a lot of the time, so be sure to use your own learnt manners in front of your child as well. They will often see a lot of mannerisms you’ll use and pick them up from you over time. They will see you as a role model, and follow your lead in a number of ways, so it’s imperative that you express those when in front of your children.

Often an essential way of showing how your child should treat others throughout their life, it’s a really important life skill to teach your children. There are many ways you can express gratitude, in small ways and in bigger ways too.


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