How to help raise an optimistic child

How to raise an optimistic child

Optimism is a key part of a child’s development. They will grow with the right advice and support that will show your child the best ways to be optimistic.

This also helps with your child’s development in school – they’re more likely to be confident, engaging and eager to learn within the classroom.

Bringing positivity into the home should be a natural process, but if you’re struggling for ways to bring it back into your child’s life, there are ways to help them along.

Read this guide from one of the top Fulham schools to show how you can raise an optimistic child.

Be open with your child

Children are more likely to open up to you when you’re being open, welcoming and (above all) honest. Encourage open conversations often with your child to assess how they’re feeling and if there’s any way you could help them.

Being open with your child increases the likelihood that they’ll want to turn to you for future advice and support when they can. It also shows that you’re supporting them with their school work and learning more about the life they want to lead.


Show you’re a role model

Positive thoughts and optimistic actions will really impact your child.

Use positive affirmations and strong encouragement as they go about their days to see if they follow your lead.

You will be one of your child’s biggest influences, so it’s important that you speak to your child by using happy phrases and words of encouragement. They often go through a lot of stress during their school years so you should aim to lift their spirits up when they’re feeling down. They’ll be more likely to turn to you in the future if you do.


Children will always look to you for support, especially when they’re younger. Ensure you’re motivating your child continuously in a beneficial way to help them along their journey.


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