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Living Arrows 2020 – 43/52

We made it.

We made it to the end of an incredibly strange autumn term.  And now we’re into an equally strange half term holiday.

We’re in full lock down again here in Wales until the 9th November.

During a normal half term we’d do things like get the bus into town and have a day browsing in the shops and visiting the museums.  We’d go to a craft event at our local library and borrow a new pile of books.  We might have a day with my sister and her girls.  We might meet up with friends in the park.  The children would have a day, and maybe a night, with their grandparents.

This week though, we can’t do any of those things.

We’re back to being asked to basically stay at home, and only go out for essentials and for exercise.

The new restrictions came into place at 6pm on Friday.  So we popped up to Steve’s parents’ house after school to spend a couple of hours with them in their garden.


We all had a really lovely time, but the whole situation is just so strange.

I don’t think I’ve been in my in-laws’ house since early March, which is just crazy when they live just up the road from us.

We were all feeling a bit emotional by the time we headed home I think.

I think the children and I have been so focused on the finish line of the end of term, of reaching this point in one piece and now we’re here it caught up with us a bit.  Steve and I have been laughing saying that any day now we’ll all come down with a cold, or tonsillitis in my case which is what I used to fall ill with at the end of pretty much every term at uni when I went back home to my parents.

So in a way it’s a good thing that we can’t do much or go anywhere this half term week.

We can play at home.  We can rest.  We can pop out for walks in the woods and the beach.

Then hopefully we’ll be ready for any new rules and restrictions that are put in place once this latest lock down is lifted.


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