Fun photography ideas for kids in lockdown

3 fun photography projects for kids to try during lockdown

We’re all likely to be spending more time at home over the next few months.

Whether we’re in a full lockdown or not, there are bound to be restrictions in place that mean we’ll be looking for different ways to keep our families entertained at home.

If you want to do something creative with your children but don’t want all the mess that comes with a lot of crafting activities then photography is a great idea.  You don’t need a fancy camera to have fun with photography either, you can use the camera on your phone, a child’s first camera like the kidizoom or a simple point and shoot camera.

I wrote a list of 5 fun photography challenges that children would enjoy a while ago, and now I’ve got 3 more projects that children of all ages can enjoy whether they’re staying safe at home or venturing out to explore the local area.


Create an ‘All about me’ photo scrapbook

First of all, set your child up with the camera on a timer or with a remote trigger and let them take some self-portraits.

Then let them take photos of the different members of the family.

If you’re able to visit friends and extended family under the restrictions that are in place where you are, then arrange for your child to take some photos of them too.

They can also take pictures of their favourite things – books, toys, foods, and so on.

Once they’ve taken all the photos you can either get them made into a photo book or get prints made and stick them into a scrapbook.  Whichever option you pick, get your child to take some time to add in some text with some details about each of the photos.


Get their toys involved in the fun

This project is so much fun for kids of all ages (and adults too!).

All you need is a small toy or two, like a lego figure or playmobil person, and then you set them up in a scene and photograph them as if they were full-sized people.

The great thing about this project is that you can keep it really simple or get really creative and set up full scenes for the figures.

We took a few figures to the park on one of our local walks, and set them up in these simple scenes, and I really love how they came out!



You and your children could have so much fun with this.

If you’re stuck in the house during lockdown or because you’re self-isolating, then you can spend a good few hours setting up scenes at home for the figures to go in.  If you had a fisherman lego figure, for example, you could set them up to look like they’re ice-fishing by freezing a bowl of water, cutting a small hole in the top and then placing the figure so it’s sitting on the ice with the fishing rod in the hole.

Your child’s imagination really is the limit with this one.


Make postcards to send to family and friends

The way things are at the moment, so many of us are unable to travel to visit our families and friends, so we need to find other ways to keep in contact.

And while we have all the technology available to phone, text and video call everyone, there’s something extra special about getting something personal in the post from a loved one.

So let you child get creative and take photos that can then be made into postcards to send to family and friends.

They could take some landscape photos if you live somewhere scenic, or photos of pretty and interesting things they find when you’re out on a walk as a family.  Or they could take some self-portraits or pictures of themselves with their siblings.


It doesn’t really matter what the photos are of, just that they’re personal and mean something to your child.

Then you can either get prints made of the pictures and glue them to cardboard to make postcards, or get some printed as postcards or cards through a company like Snapfish.


Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for fun photography projects your child can try when they’re stuck at (or near) home during lockdown.  

Even when restrictions are lifted these are all still great, creative ways to practice photography skills for children, and adults, of all ages.

Which do you think your child would enjoy the most?

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