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Living Arrows 2020 – 12/52

For the last few years I’ve been doing a little personal photography project.

On the 10th of each month I take 10 photos, with the aim of creating a little snapshot of our life at that time.

This month I felt completely uninspired though.  The 10th fell on a day when I would barely see the children, and I couldn’t think of 10 interesting photos I could take on a day I spent mainly at home, by myself, working in my living room.

So I skipped it.  I let the 10th go by without taking any photos.  Then last Friday came around and I realised that was the day I needed to record this month.

The last day the children would be in school for a while.

So I took the camera along with me on the morning school run.  I photographed the children with their lunch boxes, and Nerys with her sunglasses on after she realised it was a lovely sunny day.  I recorded the little routine I have with Nerys of making hearts with our hands through the classroom window after she’s gone in.  I captured Rhys running into the building with barely a backward glance.


I took the camera with me again at pick up.

And I photographed the children on their scooters, whizzing around the yard before we left the school grounds.


I don’t think the children realise quite what all this means yet.

Mainly because none of us really know what all this means yet.

The way things have been organised for us means that the children are on their Easter holiday for the next two weeks, which will be a big help for all of us in adjusting to having them home while we try and work from home too.

For now we’ve told the children that they’re on holiday now, and that we’re not sure if school will open again straight away at the end of these next two weeks.  I think that’s what’s so unnerving about all of this, the fact that there is so much uncertainty around everything.

I can’t see things being back to normal any time soon, but I don’t want to worry the children yet by telling them that there’s a chance school might not open back up again this academic year.  I think we’ll take things week by week.  Day by day if we have to.

For now at least we can take a bit of time to adjust to us all being home for an extended time.  Hopefully during this time we can work out how we’re going to balance our work, the children’s school work and general family life once the holidays are over.


Living Arrows
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