ways to make your bedroom more welcoming

5 ways to make your bedroom more welcoming

The bedroom in your home should be a comfy little haven. Walking into it should make you feel soothed, relaxed, and peaceful. Also, the ambience of the room should set the stage for a great night’s sleep each night.

Here are five things you can do to transform your bedroom into an inviting place to be.

Invest in comfortable bedding

Research shows that the average person spends a third of his life sleeping, so make sure you have a comfortable mattress, pillow, and duvet so you can enjoy more time in your bedroom. Avoid beds that will give you back pains.

The bed should also be attractive, making the centre stage of your bedroom. For this, you can invest in a quality bed from bed shop Yorkshire. Also, you can try making your pillows vary in shape and size. Your blanket colour and quality should give the room a welcoming feel.


Clean your room

Dirt and too much clutter in your bedroom will create a feeling of chaos. So set time aside to clean your room regularly. Wash your bedding, mop the floor, wipe the windows, and dust everything. Make a habit of making your bed immediately after you wake up; this will ensure your room is always clean, and you will come home to a tidy bed.

Declutter the room. Have a specific place where everything goes. Take time to go through your items and get rid of the things you don’t need. Donate or sell the things you don’t use. Make sure to put your clean clothes in the closet or drawers and put the dirty laundry in the laundry basket.


Hang an eye-catching bold item

Make a bold statement by hanging a sizeable eye-catching piece of art that all people will naturally look. You can have artwork that has some of your family photos, giving them your unique personal touch. You can also put up sticker wallpapers of different colours and shapes to decorate the walls.

Alternatively, you can put your mirror in an antique frame and hang it beside the closet. The mirror will also bounce around natural light across the room, bringing more view into the room. Mirror reflection will even trick the eye making the room appear bigger.


Invest in a good quality carpet

The right quality carpet will give an invitingly warm, cozy feeling of relief to your tired feet. If your bedroom floor is wooden or has tiles, you can add a soft touch to the room by putting down a rug of solid colour or printed one that matches your other décor and style of the room. Place the rug  in the most obvious point of your room.


Paint your walls

Light and warm colours generally give a relaxing feeling to a room, but it is important to select colours that make the bedroom comforting and relaxing to you. Try and avoid solid painting colours in your bedroom. Make sure to paint your ceiling the same colour as the walls. If you can’t afford to paint the whole room, you can choose to paint one wall and make it the focal point of your room.



With the above straightforward tips, you are ready to make your bedroom welcoming. Good luck and sleep well!

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