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Living Arrows 2019 – 46/52

We have had a very, very quiet weekend.

On Friday morning Nerys wasn’t feeling great, but she went into school with the promise that her teacher could phone me if she needed to come home.

I waited all day, really expecting the phone to ring.  But she made it through the school day like a trooper.

As soon as she came out of the door though I could tell she wasn’t well.  And she spent Friday evening and all day Saturday cwtched up on the sofa with a chesty cough and a temperature.

She was feeling a bit brighter yesterday but we decided it was best if she gave her swimming lessons a miss.  So I took Rhys by himself over to the pool.


He spent the whole walk there telling me about how certain games in Roblox work and the best way to play them.

I don’t think he stopped for breath, he was so excited to talk to me about it.

He did really well at his swimming lessons, and didn’t complain too much about having to stop off at the supermarket on the way home for a few bits and pieces.  I think the iced doughnuts I bought might have helped with that though!


Sunday afternoon was spent taking some photos for a blog post and generally taking it easy.

Nerys is still coughing away but seems better in herself so hopefully she’s on the mend and won’t end up missing school this week.  There are so many bugs going round her class though so I won’t be too surprised if she goes back downhill a bit.

I think this week might be one for a few early nights for all of us to try and fight off these winter germs that are trying to take us all down!


Living Arrows
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