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Living Arrows 2019 – 40/52

Well last week was a bit of a weird one.

I got myself all mixed up at the start of the week, convinced that Nerys’ yoga club was after school on Tuesday when it was actually Wednesday.

Luckily I checked just before I went to pick Rhys up so I was able to pick her up like normal!  She was a bit funny going in to school on Monday and Tuesday, getting upset and not wanting to leave me.  Which isn’t really like her at all.

So it didn’t come as a huge surprise when she came out of school on Wednesday looking really pale and sorry for herself, clearly not feeling well.

Steve was home from work that day for his birthday, so he ended up carrying her all the way back to the car.  Then she helped him to celebrate once we got home by being sick on the kitchen floor.

So that meant she stayed home from school with me for the rest of the week.

By Sunday she was seeming much more like her normal self so I took her and Rhys to swimming.  We stopped off in Singleton Park on the way there, and had a play in the little park by the shops on the way home.


After a week of rain we had some lovely sunshine on Sunday so it was nice to have the chance to get out and have a blast of fresh air.

We also had two books that we’d found recently as part of the look for a book scheme that’s been set up here in Swansea, so we needed to find good places to hide those.

In the end we left one in each park that we visited, so hopefully some other children will find them soon.


I’m hoping that we’ll be back to the normal routine again this week, with everyone feeling ok and me remembering what day of the week we’re on and what we’re supposed to be doing!

Anyone else find it hard at times to keep track of what’s happening when with school-age children?!


Living Arrows
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