Things I'm never without

5 things I’m never without

When you leave the house do you take the bare minimum with you, or are you more like Mary Poppins with a bag full of anything and everything you could ever possibly need?

I think I fall somewhere in the middle most of the time.

There are a few things though, that I’m never really without when I’m out and about.


The big three

The standard things that I think pretty much everyone has with them wherever they go.

Wallet, phone and keys.

Sometimes if we’re going to the beach I’ll leave these things at home, but I feel really strange not having them with me.


Baby wipes

My children have been out of nappies for years now, but I still always have a little stash of baby wipes with me in my handbag.

And I can’t tell you how many times it’s come in handy!

I’ve used them to clean up mud, chocolate and dog poo from the children on the way home from school.  I’ve used them to spot clean clothes and faces when I’ve realised at the school gates in the morning that one of the kids isn’t as clean as they should be.

They’ve also come to the rescue when we’ve had cuts and grazes out and about.


Lip balm

I don’t wear all that much make up, so I’m not the type of person with mascara and foundation stashed in my handbag.

But I do pretty much always have a tube of lip balm or small pot of vaseline in my bag or coat pocket.

In the winter my lips get really dry and in the summer I could feel that I needed something to help protect them from the sun.


Sticks and stones…

…and shells and conkers.  And all sorts of other flotsam and jetsom.

Now I don’t want to never be without these things, it just seems to be the way it goes with two children.

At any given time I will have at least one of these things in either my handbag or my coat pocket.


A sense that I’m forgetting something

One more thing that I’d prefer to go without, but seem to carry with me.

No matter what, I pretty much always have this feeling that I’m forgetting something.  I get it in the mornings when I take the children to school, this niggling feeling that I’ve forgotten an important letter that I was supposed to sign, or left a lunchbox on the kitchen counter.  I think it must come from the fact that there seems to always be something extra to remember!  Homework is due back, someone needs to wear trainers or wellies that day for PE or outdoor learning, donations are needed for something or other, or the kids need to be dressed in spots for children in need.

And I don’t even want to go in to how badly this feeling comes with me when I go away for any length of time.

I spend the first few hours with a real sense of “I’ve forgotten something” before I make my peace with the fact that it’s too late if I have forgotten anything.  Then I can start to relax a bit.


Do any of these things make your list, or are you able to get away without having these things with you?  What other things are you never without?

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