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Living Arrows 2019 – 22/52

Back to school today, and I have a feeling the children are already counting down the weeks and days until the summer holidays.

We had a lovely week last week with the children off for half term and Steve off from work too.

My sister and her girls came over for the day on Wednesday and we saw friends on Thursday for a surprisingly sunny few hours at Oxwich Bay.  On one of the more overcast days we popped out to a small park by Clyne woods for the children to burn off some energy.


The park has a little wooden obstacle course that we all had a go at, which was great fun.  Nerys was very encouraging while I made my way across all the different obstacles, cheering me on with comments of ‘you can do it mummy’.

It’s always funny when you hear your words echoed back to you from your children isn’t it!


We all had a great time until Rhys got hit in the face by one of those web swings.  He was really lucky though as he saw it coming in time to try to move out of the way.  So while he still got a nice cut on his cheek he wasn’t too badly hurt.

When I saw him on the floor, and Steve rushing over to check him, I was so worried that he might have knocked out some teeth or broken his nose.  I honestly was expecting blood everywhere when he stood up, so it was a real relief to see he was ok.

I suppose to be fair we were long overdue something like this happening.  The amount of times I’ve said over the years for them to watch out for the swings as they run too close to them, they were bound to be hit by one at some point!


Living Arrows
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