Create a more peaceful home

4 ways to create a more peaceful home

We all want our homes to be our havens don’t we.  Somewhere we can completely relax, be ourselves, and shut out the worries of the world.

When you have children though things aren’t always as calm and peaceful as we’d like.  There are toys everywhere, letters and homework from school scattered around and the laundry basket never seems to empty for more than 2 minutes.

If the chaos of family life sometimes makes your home not all that relaxing, here are 4 things you can try to make it a more peaceful place to spend time.

1) Sort out the niggles

You know those little jobs that need doing around the house that you never get round to doing?

Put a few hours aside and just get them done.  You’ll feel so much more relaxed at home when that bathroom tap isn’t dripping and the lightbulb in the cupboard under the stairs has been replaced.

Create a list of all those little things around your home that just niggle at you.  The things you keep thinking ‘we should sort that’ about.  Those parts of your home that you feel like you’re making do with and putting up with.

Then work your way through it, dealing with each item on that list until it’s all done and you can really enjoy your home again.

Whether you change that lightbulb yourself, or call out the locksmith boss of dublin to sort out the dodgy lock on your backdoor, just get it sorted once and for all!


2) Make the most of your garden

Spending time outside has been proven over and over again to do wonders for our sense of wellbeing.  So take a bit of time to tidy up your garden and make it a space you can enjoy using.  You can keep it nice and low-maintenance if you’re not all that green-fingered.  If you just have a patio area then pick up a few potted plants to brighten things up.  And if you have a bigger garden then look into synthetic grass suppliers who can give you a gorgeous looking lawn that will never need mowing.


3) The smell of home

Another way to make being at home as relaxing as possible is to find ways to make it smell as nice as possible.

Make sure to fling the windows open every day, even if it’s just for five minutes.  This will clear the air through and get rid of any stuffy smells.  Then get some reed diffusers, candles or an oil burner and use them to fill your home with your favourite scent.

Lavender is a classic scent for creating a relaxing atmosphere.


4) Create a haven

Find a spot in your home that you can make your own, just for relaxing in.

If you love to lie in a hot bath with a good book to unwind, then set up a system so you can transform the bathroom from family room to spa-like as quickly as possible.  Get a cupboard where you can hide away all the bath toys and treat yourself to some nice bubble bath and some candles that only come out when it’s your turn in the tub.


Hopefully these ideas will help you feel more relaxed when you spend time at home. 

What is your favourite place in the house to unwind at the end of the day?


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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